Response to Intervention (RTI)

Tiny Tots Special Education provides Response to Intervention services designed to ensure that each student benefits from individualized support. Each child is screened to determine their learning needs.

The screening process is a brief, simple process used to identify potential education needs for each child. Screening is essential to promote the child’s development as it is tailored to the age of the child.

The screening process covers the following areas:

• The child’s health

• The child’s development such as walking, talking, and learning

• The child’s sight and hearing

We also conduct ongoing assessments to ensure that the child’s learning is aligned with their development.

We use the screening results to determine a program that is the best fit for the child’s learning and development. We provide academic and behavioral interventions at increasing levels of intensity depending on the child’s individual needs.

Tiny Tots Special Education recognizes the importance of teamwork in providing a holistic learning environment for children. As a result, we provide a collaborative team made up of administrators, teachers, and parents to work together to match students with the appropriate instructional and/or behavioral interventions.