There are many families in most of the developing countries that lack the financial support to educate their children. We aim to find these families and give them a boost so that their children access education. The CES program helps 100 children in public schools every year. The scholarship is usually provided to the African orphans with no means of raising funds to cater for their schooling. We discovered that there are many orphans in African countries who have dropped out of school for lack of the basic needs to support them stay in school. We provide schooling support for these children and mentor them to grow as responsible citizens of the nation.

Since we started the initiative, many orphans across different African countries have benefited. The results are impressive. The completion rate for the children who enroll in our program is 100%. We hope that the program will continue helping other underprivileged orphan children across the continent. We have reduced a significant amount of school drop-out due to lack of resources to continue their studies. We have educated a considerable number of African orphans through the program and wish to educate more.

We are delighted to see that the program is successful: The impact that we have on so many lives. Our future goal is to expand the program to cover most underprivileged children in Africa. We want to expand our scholarship target to 500 children every year. As the year goes, we will have made a significant impact on the African society especially the underprivileged families